If you are in search of safe head lice removal in the Arlington Heights area, Nit Free Noggins has just the solution. We understand that for children and teens, having an infestation of those little "bugs" is embarrassing, not to mention uncomfortable with all of the itching associated with lice. We provide a non-chemical head lice treatment that will eliminate those pesky little buggers once and for all.

You may have tried head lice shampoo and other chemicals in the past, without the results you had hoped for. Many of these products contain pesticides, something parents want to steer clear of. Our approach uses a proven extracting process involving special enzymes that are deadly to lice and their nits, killing them dead on the spot. Our combing process completes the treatment. When you want to avoid the hassle and repeated application of potentially dangerous chemicals, our one and done head lice treatment is all you need!

Today's ever increasing technology has only contributed to the spread of lice, as many children and teens take "selfies" using their cell phones. If you have noticed, many times those in the picture are touching heads. If one has an infestation, it's nearly a guarantee the other will be infected, as lice spread easily. Children often share combs, brushes, and hair accessories, which only adds to the problem. Our head lice treatment is quick, easy, and takes just a small amount of your time - a one treatment lice solution that requires a single visit to our clinic.

At Nit Free Noggins, our lice solutions are proven effective so you can rest assured those embarrassing "cooties" will be eradicated quickly! Learn more about our unique process on our website, or give us a call today.