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Whether you live in Deerfield or anywhere in the Chicago area, Nit Free Noggins provides natural lice treatment services you can trust to get the job done. Our professional technicians understand parents want non chemical head lice solutions, considering most OTC products available contain pesticides or other potentially dangerous chemicals. These products are messy, usually require repeat applications, and even then are not always effective. If you are in the Chicagoland area we invite you to come into our head lice salon and see what quick, safe, effective treatment is all about!

Even in the Windy City head lice are still a problem. Children are constantly around others their age whether in school, after school activities, at summer camp, sports practice, and many other situations. These are perfect circumstances for head lice to spread, as all it takes is a touch of one child's head to another or even sharing coats, hats, or scarves. Our one treatment lice solution makes eliminating these itchy, pesky bugs a simple matter. In most cases, lice are completely eliminated in just an hour or two. Why face the hassle yourself, or resort to harsh chemicals?

Our natural lice removal process involves the use of natural products and the latest technology along with a special, effective comb-out technique. We also have an exceptional head lice shampoo and other products designed to get rid of lice, and prevent them from coming back. Whether your child or teenager has contracted lice or you have (after all, adults get head lice, too), our head lice solutions are unparalleled and guaranteed to work! If you live in Deerfield or the Chicagoland area, we invited you to come experience the difference in our relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Contact Nit Free Noggins today, and put an end to those itching buggers once and for all!