Head Lice Treatment - Des Plaines, IL

Natural Lice Removal in the Windy City Area

At Nit Free Noggins we provide head lice removal services to clients in Des Plaines, IL and nearby cities looking for a solution to a very common problem. While our world has moved ahead light years in terms of technology, lice infestations continue on just as they did decades ago. Those pesky bugs continue to pray on children, teens, and people of all ages causing embarrassment, discomfort, itching, and more. Thankfully, you can count on relief when our trained technicians perform the work - no turning your life upside down and inside out!

Most parents today prefer not to use chemicals such as pesticides on their children's heads in an effort to get rid of those critters. These head lice products are familiar to many of us and have been around for years, some even for decades. The problem with do-it-yourself head lice treatment is that not only are these products possibly dangerous, you have to repeat application a few times which is not only messy, but not guaranteed to solve the problem. You can only imagine how damaging these chemicals may be to hair and scalp, so why risk it?

Those in Des Plaines put their trust in our team of professionals for a reason; our commitment to eliminating every last louse and nit (egg). You don't have to spend weeks trying to get your life and your child's life back to normal. Using natural products that are non-toxic and contain no harsh ingredients or pesticides, our skilled technicians perform a thorough comb-out so that you can be in, out, and on your way within an hour or two. It literally takes a single visit to get back on track with peace of mind. Regardless of your budget, we have head lice removal services designed with you in mind.

Perhaps you have a child in grade school who has been sent home due to suspicion of the presence of those contagious bugs. Maybe there has been an outbreak at pre-school, or your teenager has contracted lice while engaging in sports or other crowded activities. You may have it yourself and have no idea how or when it happened. Regardless of the circumstances, you want it gone now. We have been there ourselves; we know exactly how you feel!

If you are in search of Des Plaines head lice treatment you can feel good about, we invite you to text or call Nit Free Noggins at 847-431-7300. We are confident that you will become our next highly satisfied customer.