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At Nit Free Noggins we understand that when an infestation of pediculus humanus capitis strikes your child or another member of the family, you want a solution fast. We cater to Niles, IL residents providing non-chemical head lice solutions designed to eliminate those pesky bugs fast and for good without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides often found in prescription or over-the-counter products designed to remove head lice.

This condition should not cause embarrassment or shame, as it is easily transmitted from one person to another through the contact of heads or sharing of hair accessories. Given that kids and teens are constantly taking "selfies" with their smartphones, it's really no surprise that head lice are just as prevalent today as ever. All it takes is the sharing of a comb, brush, barrette, or any other item that touches the hair, and you can have an infestation on your hands. We provide a one treatment lice solution so you can avoid those messy OTC products that require repeat application and get on with your life!

Our safe head lice removal process involves the use of natural reactionary enzymes combined with a thorough and proven combing technique that quickly removes those pesky buggers and their nits. It is convenient, performed in a comfortable environment, painless, and requires only about an hour of your time depending on level of infestation, hair length, and other factors. Why suffer through the hassle of products that are potentially dangerous, and that often don't provide the complete relief you expect? At Nit Free Noggins we invite those in Niles, IL and surrounding areas to contact us today for natural lice treatment you can count on to work! Schedule your appointment now at 855-648-3733.