Vernon Hills Lice Removal Treatment


No Harsh Chemicals Used!


If you are in the Vernon Hills, IL or surrounding area and are looking for safe head lice solutions, count on Nit Free Noggins for results beyond your expectations. Our process involves a drying process and the use of products containing safe, non-toxic ingredients along with a professional comb-out technique that eradicates those pesky critter and their nits once and for all in just one single treatment, GUARANTEED! Unfortunately, head lice are as prevalent today as they were decades ago, perhaps even more so given many strains have become immune to ingredients in products found over-the-counter - potentially dangerous ingredients.

The majority of OTC and prescription products contain pesticides or insecticides, which are not only damaging but inferior in terms of results. Most require repeated messy applications, and the hassle can disrupt your schedule without resulting in the elimination of those nasty bugs. Our non chemical head lice treatment is trusted by teachers, pediatricians and parents of those who have used it in the battle against head lice. Children and teens are prone to infestations because of their crowded environments; while you hope your child never becomes a victim, it happens every day.

Find Out Why Chicago Moms Trust Nit Free Noggins

Naturally you prefer a one treatment lice solution that gets rid of those pests and their nits once and for all. This is a condition that not only can be uncomfortable, but embarrassing for kids who are sent home from school. That said, you don't have to be a youngster to have an infestation - even adults become the victims because they spread so easily. When you want to get rid of head lice as quickly and easily as possible, trust the professionals at Nit Free Noggins for results beyond your expectations. We invite those in Vernon Hills and nearby cities to contact us today at 847-431-7300.