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Parents in Mt. Prospect, IL and surrounding areas looking for head lice treatment you can trust to get the job done need look no further. At Nit Free Noggins we understand how frustrating and stressful it can be when your child or others in your household become the victim of those pesky bugs. Given the fact that life moves at a fast pace these days, there is little time to deal with head lice removal on your own. To be honest, you probably prefer not to try to attack the situation yourself!

While there are several products available on store shelves claiming to eradicate those bugs and their nits, most contain pesticides and other potentially harmful ingredients. They are messy to use, you must know how to do a thorough comb-out, and considering repeat applications . . . it makes more sense to have professional, skilled technicians take care of the job. Getting rid of every last louse and nit is essential to prevent against a re-infestation.

Why do clients in Mt. Prospect rely on us for head lice treatment when those critters invade their households? Because we deliver the results you deserve the first time, and never use pesticides or chemicals that are harsh to the hair and scalp. You can feel good knowing the products we use are effective but contain only natural, non-toxic ingredients. When you leave our salon you can confidently move on with your life and get back to your normal routine.

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While children and teens are the most vulnerable to head lice, no one is immune. Young people are more at risk of an infestation simply because they spend so much time in crowded environments such as school, sports activities, camps, etc. All it takes is touching heads or sharing a comb and those little pests find another head to call home. In crowded spaces an infestation can spread like wildfire; before you know it, nearly all the kids at school are affected.

At Nit Free Noggins we make head lice removal in Mt. Prospect simple and stress-free. Our done in one treatment generally takes only an hour or two of your time depending on hair length/thickness and severity of infestation. Services are performed in a friendly, relaxed environment so you and your child will feel comfortable. We offer treatments suitable to every budget, so call or text us today at 847-431-7300.

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